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The act of using Tinder for a date which it's only purpose is to get laid. Someone who swipes while traveling on Tinder and matches with people who they have no ability or intention to meet. The Most WTF? Moments from the World's Favourite Dating App Tom Phillips. I Ur names is spelled unique.

That must mean your tits are phenomenal | * Get that from urban dictionary? 1. Dictionary I was thinking of | something that would throw you off. yet subtly romantic. Did it work or no? Are people soon going to be bored with Tinder all together and start tinde out relations in new spaces. And, dictionary you use it, you'll probably find a match who swiped right to convince you to tinder up with them.

A Tinder Bender is a verb used to describe a spree of Tinder dates (meeting multiple people from the dating app Tinder) over a short amount of time. Meeting up with someone you matched with on Tinder. However they are the not the person you expect and end up being twice your age with no front teeth.

The Internet is old. Seriously: It's strange to think we've been living under an overpass of the information superhighway for more than 20 years, but here we are. Definition: According to the online slang dictionary, "a [person] with whom one has sex without any emotional attachment or commitment. Also known as tinder with benefits.'" Sentence: "They're not dating, they're just fuck buddies." What it really means: This isn't just a term, it's a phenomenon. A tinder troll is typically a girl who uses the dating app "Tinder" whose purpose on Tinder is to just get an ego boost.

No actual interest in dating exists; she/he enjoys getting matches and not trying to meet or get to know those matches. Tinder has also spawned another term for attractive women users, “Tinderella.” One of the definitions urban Tinderella listed by online Urban Dictionary reads: “A really hot girl on a dating app called Tinder.

Sam: Hey Tom, had any luck on Tinder yet? Tom: Dude I got a match with a Tinderella, and I fucked her! A dating app in which 95% of the guys are looking for casual sex or nudes to jack off to, and 95% of the girls are either looking for bae or just want to make friends.

resulting in pretty much consistent disappointment and frustration for both parties. Kinda like real life. Term used for meeting someone on tinder, going urban for dinner, then having unplanned sex afterwards. Tinder is, in fact, a casual way to meet someone with the (ulterior) motive of spending the night together. James Brown, editor of Sabotage Times, wrote a funny piece on how Tinder took over his office and was excessively used to 'get laid'.

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tinder urban dictionary

Tinder Related. All posts must be directly related to tinder. No memes or reactions allowed. Violation of any rule may lead dictionary a ban. See the full rules in the wiki! I didn't see any other entries for LDS on urban dictionary. As Tinder has gained more and more notoriety, there have been numerous examples urban Rad and Mateen's poor обращение проститутки of them Mateen's.

Last summer, I noticed that both had posted a screenshot of a new Urban Dictionary term, “Tinderslut,” to urban Instagram feeds. Urban DictionaryVerified account.

@urbandictionary. @ me and I'll respond with the Urban Dictionary tinder, if I have it. dictionary and open internet. urbandictionary.com. UrbanDictionary.com is defining it as “the McDonalds for sex.” Even my Spanish classmates at the University of Sevilla always walk in on Mondays with entertaining stories of who they met and what they did that weekend, many of them “gracias a Tinder.”.

Your tinder girl that you see on Tinder.

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